A new Executive Committee for Covéa

Jan 2, 2018, by Covea

Thierry Derez, Covéa's Chairman and CEO, announced a new organisation and a new management team.

Drawing on its own history, marked by the creation of an institutional pillar (SGAM Covéa), a financial pillar (Covéa Coopérations) and, finally, a social pillar with the common status, the Covéa Group intends to pursue its profitable development and accelerate its operational transformation around a key objective: the customer experience battle.

We have all seen the speed and depth of the changes impacting the insurance industry. For Covéa, the goal is to best meet its members and customers’ needs in terms of product offering and service quality.

Two new departments have therefore been created:

The first, which focuses on Customer Relations, includes the Brands departments and most of the resources in contact with customers.

The other, responsible for the Product Offering and Customer Service, pools the Group's expertise in its key markets (property and casualty, life, health/personal protection, legal protection).

A central department dedicated to strategy, customer knowledge and transformation was created within this scheme.

Covéa's new Executive Committee will be chaired by Thierry Derez, who will be supported by 12 members:

- Joaquim Pinheiro, Managing Director of Customer Relations

- Paul Esmein, Managing Director of Product Offering and Customer Service

- Stéphane Duroule, Managing Director of MAAF

- Philippe Maso y Guell Rivet, Managing Director of MMA

- Edouard Vieillefond, Managing Director of GMF

- Amaury de Hauteclocque, Managing Director of Human Cooperation. This department will bring together the current functions of the Human Resources and Internal Communication Department, the General Secretariat Department and the External and Institutional Communication Department.

- Pierre Michel, Managing Director Reinsurance and International

- Laurent Tollié, Managing Director Investments

- Maud Petit, Managing Director Finance

- Didier Bazzocchi, Managing Director Institutional Partnerships

- Juliette Baudot, Director of Strategy, Customers, Transformation, reporting to the Customer Relations Department and the Product Offering and Customer Service Department

- Valérie Cohen, Director Property and Casualty, reporting to the Product Offering and Customer Service Department

The new organisation will take effect on 2 January 2018, subject to the consultation with the staff representative bodies.

On that date, Christian Baudon will step down from his operational duties and remain Covéa's lead director.

Sophie Beuvaden, Michel Gougnard, Hervé Frapsauce and Patrice Forget will be named project managers reporting to the Chairman and CEO.

Thierry Derez, Covéa's Chairman and CEO: “I now wish to thank them for the outstanding quality of their work and action. They have played a major role in making Covéa a strong company that is proud of its fundamentals and risk management. If we are ready to take on the customer experience battle, the credit for that goes to them."